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Root Canal Treatment in Dwarka, Delhi, India by Vital Dental Care

With years of experience, dentists at Vital dental care can guide you the best for your oral health. Our expert dentists give suggestions as per your age, your medical conditions and your comfort. To know more about RCT and cost of root canal treatment in Dwarka, Delhi read below or visit us for the advice, treatments and develop trust like many others have.

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

When the pulp, which houses the blood vessels, nerves, and live connective tissues, becomes infected or inflamed, root canal treatment, also known as endodontic treatment, is required. A root canal surgery is repeated to maintain a broken or inflamed tooth rather than extracting it.

An endodontist or a root canal specialist performs this operation. Cavities caused by plaque accumulation, fractured or broken teeth caused by accidents or trauma, gum diseases, and recurrent dental treatment to a particular tooth are the most prevalent causes of tooth damage or infection. These problems can lead to pulp inflammation, infection, and irreversible pulp damage.

At times, the person will be in agonising pain. When the pulp dies, the discomfort may go away, but it usually comes back as the infection grows.

You should see a professional dentist straight away if you have a dental or gum soreness. Root canal treatment in Dwarka, Delhi is popular at Vital Dental Care because of our expert dentist Dr. Anurag Khandelwal. He treats patients with warmth and care and guides them for post treatment dental care.

Why RCT(Root Canal Treatment) is Required: Signs and Symptoms

A root canal is performed when the soft inner component of a tooth, known as the pulp, is injured, inflamed, or infected.

Even though the pulp is dead, the crown of the tooth — the visible portion above the gums — can be preserved. The most effective way to preserve a tooth's structure is to remove infected or injured pulp.

Below mentioned are some signs and symptoms that you need a RCT:

• Extensive decay due to an untreated cavity

• Dental treatments on the same tooth repeatedly

• A fracture in the tooth

• A tooth injury (you might harm a tooth if you get smacked in the mouth; even if the impact doesn't crack the tooth, the pulp can still be injured)

How is a Root Canal Treatment Performed at Vital Dental Care?

Step 1: Anaesthesia

A small amount of numbing medicine will be applied to your gum near the damaged tooth by the dentist by using a local anaesthetic which will be injected into your gums once it has taken effect. It may give you a strong pinch or a burning feeling, but it'll go away fast.

Step 2: Taking out the pulp

While your tooth is numb, the endodontist or general dentist will make a small incision in the crown. Once the pulp has been exposed, the professional will use special instruments called files to gently remove any contaminated or damaged pulp. They'll pay special attention to cleaning out all of your tooth's channels (canals).

Step 3: Antibiotics

After the pulp has been removed, the dentist may apply a topical antibiotic to the area to ensure that the infection is gone and to avoid re-infection. After the canals have been cleaned and sterilized, the dentist will fill and seal the tooth using a sealer paste and a rubber-like material called gutta-percha. Antibiotics for oral intake may also be recommended.

Step 4: Temporary filling

The dentist will next fill the small opening in the crown of the tooth with a soft, temporary substance. The canals are protected by this sealant against saliva injury.

Benefits of Our Root Canal Treatment Services

Root canal therapy is almost painless, and it is often less painful than having a natural tooth extracted after recovery. Thanks to modern methods and effective anaesthetic, patients who have root canals are six times more likely than those who have a tooth extracted to report the process as painless! We Use Advanced Techniques and Instruments for best and long lasting results.

Cost of Root Canal Treatment in Dwarka, Delhi

The cost of a root canal treatment is determined by a variety of factors, including whether the procedure will be performed on a front or back tooth (as front teeth typically have only one canal in the dental root, making the procedure easier and less time consuming, whereas back teeth typically have multiple, curved canals, making the procedure difficult, tedious, and costly), the degree of infection, whether the procedure will be performed by a root canal specialist or a general dentist, and the number of root canal sessions are required.

The cost of root canal treatment in Delhi is very reasonable making it a dental tourist spot.

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