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Scaling And Polishing

Sometimes When You Brush Your Teeth The Brush May Not Be Able To Reach The Inaccessible Areas Of Your Teeth. This Causes Deposition Of Plaque Which Gets Converted Into Hard Tenacious Matter Called As Calculus (Tartar) (Tooth Colored). If Calculus Is Allowed To Remain Onto The Tooth It Will Provide Right Conditions For The Bacteria To Accumulate Leading To Further Gum Diseases. The Primary Aim Of Scaling And Polishing Is To Remove Calculus & Also Extrinsic Stains Caused Due To Tea, Coffee, Smoking Etc. It Also Cures Bad Breadth Problems.

We Use Advanced Power Driven Oscillating Scalers Also Known As Ultrasonic Or Sonic Scalers For The Purpose Of Removing Stains And Calculus, Thus, Keeping Your Teeth And Gums Healthy. We Recommend You To Scale Your Teeth At An Interval Of Every 6 Month

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment Is Recommended For Badly Decayed Tooth. It Is Done When The Infection Reaches Pulp (Sensitive Part Of The Tooth Containing Nerve And Blood Vessels) And Spreads Further Causing Tissue Damage And Pulp Death. Inorder To Save The Tooth From Further Damage Root Canal Treatment Is Performed.

How Is The Treatment Performed?

The Infected Pulp Is Removed, Clean, Enlarge The Root Canal Area And Seal The Area With An Aprropriate Root Canal Filling Material. After The Completion It Is Recommend To Protect The Root Canal Treatedtooth With A Suitable Crown So That The Chances Of Tooth Fracture Are Reduced.

What Is Anadvanced Root Canal Treatment?

We Specialize In Advanced Root Canal Treatments Known As Rotary Endodontics. We Usethe Most Advanced Rotary Instruments Which Are Fast,And Providepainless Root Canal Therapy, Comfortable For Dental Patients. Rotary Endodontics –Involes The Use Of Electrically Power Driven Hand Piece Which Reduce Noise.The Instruments Are Made Of Nickel Titanium So They Are Extremely Durableby Replacing The Old And Traditional Manual Drills

Thus, Making Your Root Canal Experience Faster, Painless And More Efficient.

Tooth Extraction

It Refers To The Removal Of Tooth From Its Socket In The Bone. There Are Various Reasons For Which The Tooth Cannot Be Saved And Therefore May Be Removed. One Of The Reasons Being Extremely Decayed Tooth With No Crown Structure Remaining, Loosen Tooth, Broken Tooth Etc.

We Provide You With Two Types Of Extraction Procedures:

  • Simple Extractions: In Which We Remove The Tooth Using Elevators And Forceps Under Local Anaesthetic Procedures So That The Treatment Becomes Painless.
  • Surgical Extractions/Removal Of Wisdom Teeth: These Are Teeth Which Come At The Age Of 18-24 Years.They Erupt In Most Unusual Position. It Is A Complex Procedure Done For Teeth That Are Impacted (Tooth Fails To Fully Errupt). The Removal Of It Requires More Skills And Effort Than The Normal Tooth Extraction And Requires Much Care.

Dental Fillings

It is a type of treatment performed to treat dental decay. Fillings or dental restorations are most common dental procedures. The process involves removal of the dental decay by preparing an ideal cavity and filling it up with a suitable material. We provide you with several dental filling materials like silver amalgam, tooth-coloured composite resin material, glass ionomer cement etc. These dental fillings will stop the tooth decay from worsening and therefore will protect the tooth.

Orthodontic Treatment

Root canal treatment in dwarka

It is a branch of dentistry that deals with treating the malposition teeth (crowded or crooked teeth), misaligned teeth and protruded teeth.

Orthodontic treatment will not only improve the appearance of the teeth but will also enhance your look.

The most common orthodontic treatment provided is by using dental braces. These braces will help to pull the misaligned teeth back to its normal position. The procedure involves placement of dental brackets along with a stainless steel wire. We provide you with two types of brackets: metallic and ceramic (for aesthetic purpose) brackets. So orthodontic treatment will restore both function and your appearance.

Crown And Bridges

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns also referred to as “caps“are used to cover a decayed tooth or a root canal filled tooth or replacement of existing crown. The procedure involves cleaning and reshaping of the decayed tooth also called as tooth preparation, so that the crown can be properly fitted on the reshaped tooth. Impression is taken of the prepared tooth and accordingly the crown is fabricated by the choice of your crown material. Crown is fitted onto the prepared tooth and polished. We provide you with different types of crown materials like metal crown, all ceramic crown etc.

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are used to replace the missing tooth space or the gap created between two teeth. We use synthetic crowns attached to the natural teeth to close this gap between two teeth. This is done to prevent the tipping of teeth in the space created by the missing tooth which then affects your appearance creating bone loss. We provide with you with different types of crown and bridge fabrication material.

Complete Denture

Full mouth dentures or complete denture is the most popular method of replacement of missing teeth. Complete denture is fabricated using a porcelain or acrylic resin material which is held together by an acrylic base. Full mouth dentures are recommended when all loose tooth are extracted. To stabilize the denture, the denture can be fitted and held in place with dental implants. Complete dentures will prevent sagging of cheeks and will have a positive outcome on your life by bringing back your smile back.

Dental Implants

Dental implant in dwarka

Dental implants are used for the replacement of missing teeth. Replacing missing teeth is important for general health as well health of other teeth. Dental implants are made up of titanium which is a biocompatible material inserted into the drill socket within the jaw.

Benefits of placing dental implants:

  • Prevents bone loss.
  • Offers best and most preferred option for stabilizing loose dentures.
  • Restores the function and aesthetics.
  • The strongest and longest treatment for replacement of missing teeth.
  • The only option to deliver the fixed prosthesis where the conventional bridge is not possible.

It is the most effective treatment performed by our expert team of dental implantologists.

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry In Dwarka

It is a branch of dentistry that deals with the oral health of children. We provide comprehensive oral health care needs which include oral health care examination, preventive dental care, nutrition and diet counselling, management of gum diseases, repair of dental decay or fractured tooth and habit counselling. Ourpediatric dentists provide special treatment for the children with special health care needs (physically and mentally challenged). Our pediatric dentist has a variety of treatment options along with expertise and training to care for your child’s oral health care needs.

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