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What Do I Do With A Cracked Tooth?

What Do I Do With A Cracked Tooth?

08 Oct, 2018

A cracked tooth could spell trouble. As a resident of Dwarka, New Delhi, therefore, the best thing to do is to go see your nearest dentist in Dwarka. What then would you call a crack? It’s basically a fine line that extends from the gum line to the tooth’s pointed part that makes biting possible. The tooth, however, may seem to be intact but the underlying fact is that the tissue inside it is damaged. So, if you ignore it, the tooth in all probability will break into two. That’s what makes visiting your dentist immediately a must.

It also needs to be borne in mind that many adults develop fine dental cracks called ‘craze lines,’ appearing inside the tooth enamel randomly. This however, doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort and doesn’t need any treatment either.

Treatment for a cracked tooth

Your dentist will fix your dental crack by either using a veneer or dental crown.

Veneer: Using a veneer to conceal cracks is an ideal solution if your tooth happens to be largely intact, retaining most of its original structure. This thin porcelain layer is applied to the broken tooth’s frontal surface to hide a visible defect and is somewhat similar to a false nail.

For applying the veneer, your dentist first removes a thin layer of your natural dental enamel. He then takes an impression of the prepared tooth, following which the customized veneer is made. This is also color matched with your teeth to deliver a seamless and perfectly natural finish. A veneer usually lasts for a number of years.

Dental Crown: A dental crown is an alternative for treating a cracked tooth if its structure is insufficient to support a veneer. Moreover, in cases where there is root nerve damage, root canal therapy may have to be done first. The crown will cover the tooth’s visible part to protect it and will last a good many years if good care is taken.

However, it needs to be borne in mind also that getting a dental crack repaired isn’t the only reason why you should see your Dwarka dentist. The other reasons for paying him a visit are as follows:   

Delaying the treatment of a cracked tooth is never a good thing to do. Call Vital Dental Care at +91-880-090-1692 or take an online appointment at

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