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The dentist in Dwarka to visit for all your dental needs

The dentist in Dwarka to visit for all your dental needs

28 Jan, 2019

Why prevention is better than cure?

In the field of dentistry and we at the best dentist in Dwarka believe that prevention is always better than cure when it comes to your teeth. Because oral health is something that most people disregard, because they have bigger health issues to be worried about. And they approach a dentist only when they are troubled by tooth aches, sensitivity or bad breath. By the time this happens, you have to keep in mind that all the damage has been done. Your teeth have decayed and the cavity has set in. and this is one of the most common problems that we have to deal with as a dentist in Dwarka.

The modern day dentistry that we practice at the best dentist in Dwarka is always focused on preventing the development of such problems. Because as human beings, the most advanced species living on this planet, our eating habits and our food form an important aspect of our survival. It also is an important aspect of our enjoyments in life. And as our population continues to survive for longer periods of time these days, almost an average of 80 years, it becomes very important for us to care for our teeth more consciously than ever before, so that we can ensure our teeth last for that long.

Our motto in the field of dentistry:

At the dentist in Dwarka, we believe that teeth is for life, and we practice our dentistry in such a way that promote oral health amongst all our patients, educating them on how to care for their teeth, so that they can prevent the development of tooth decay and cavity formation, which may lead to extraction of teeth. Along with the knowledge that we provide, we also offer a wide range of services which will help you prevent the development of cavities, making it possible for you to hold on to your natural teeth for as long as you live, instead of having to be plagues with toothaches and the soreness of tooth extractions.

How you can go about it:

Regular check-ups play an important role in ensuring that your oral health remains intact. Because when you visit your dentist in Dwarka on a regular basis, problems which are developing in any of your teeth can be identified in its early stages, and the necessary measures can be taken to prevent it from progressing any further, so that your tooth can be saved. As the best dentist in Dwarka, during your routine dental checkup we inspect for tooth decay and cavity formation, gum erosions, crumbling and splitting of teeth and attrition. We inspect the soft tissues of your mouth in order to look for changes of oral cancer. Sometimes even though you don’t feel any abnormality in your oral cavity, these problems exist and we can spot them before you feel them.

During you regular visit to the best dentist in Dwarka, we also do a scale and polish, which is process that helps to remove the calculus and dental plaque which has built on your teeth, because in the long run it is this which slowly leads to tooth decay and cavity formation.

Even problems such as gum disease and bruxism (the habit of grinding your teeth in the night) can be dealt with when you visit the best dentist in Dwarka for regular checkups, which should ideally occur twice a year, but in the case that you are a chronic smoker or you are pregnant, then you should visit the dentist more often.

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