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Why Go For Dental Implants In Dwarka (Vital Dental Care Clinic )?

Why Go For Dental Implants In Dwarka (Vital Dental Care Clinic )?

08 Oct, 2018

When you start losing your teeth, chances are that you will be facing functional and/or aesthetic problems as also gradual degeneration of the mandible or jawbone. This if left untreated, could create some very serious health issues later on.

Vital Dental Care Clinic Is Here To Help

Don’t worry. Vital Dental Care Clinic is at your service and totally committed to restoring lost teeth. We have a proven success record with our dental implants because of their natural appearance and lasting quality. Our team of highly experienced and qualified dentists will assess your oral condition and recommend the appropriate dental implants, if required.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

A dental implant is essentially an artificial tooth root made of titanium, which is inserted surgically into the mandible or jawbone to firmly hold a bridge, over denture or replacement crown. A dental implant has three main components: the implant permanently attaching with your jaw; an abutment connecting the implant with your replaced tooth; and a crown that is the restored tooth’s visible part.

Advantages of Dental Implants

The principal advantage of a dental implant is the preservation of your original and natural facial structure and making your teeth look absolutely natural. The main difference between an implant and a denture or bridge is that the latter do not preserve or support your jawbone and may also compromise the placement of neighboring healthy teeth later.

A dental implant does not affect its neighboring teeth because it doesn’t support the implant. This is surely an advantage as your natural teeth are left intact and your oral health improves in the long run. Moreover, dental implants enhance easier teeth brushing for better and more consistent oral hygiene.

The most important advantage of a dental implant, however, is that it prevents mandibular or jaw bone degeneration. With the mandible requiring pressure from chewing to maintain its density and health, the absence or lack of the required pressure because of tooth loss gradually leads to deterioration.

Studies show that in tooth loss’s first year, the bone loses up to 25 percent of its overall volume. A dental implant feels and functions like natural teeth, providing the required pressure to maintain density of the jawbone.

So if you wish to learn more about dental implant benefits, call us today.

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