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The Latest Advances in Dental Technology

The Latest Advances in Dental Technology

07 Apr, 2023

Dentistry is a specialty that is always developing and improving to best meet patient needs. To provide the best experience for our patients, Vital Dental Clinic is constantly searching for cutting-edge technologies. Here are just a handful of the several technologies used by Vital Dental Clinic to make sure we give all of our patients top-notch care:


  1. VELscope — We will use a VELscope to flash a specific kind of light into a patient's mouth to look for any anomalies. During an oral cancer screening, this innovative technology is useful for identifying early stages of sickness or cancer. 


  1. Digital X-rays:  digital X-rays are faster and emit less radiation than traditional X-rays. In just a few seconds, the digital X-ray image of the patient is displayed on the computer. We then magnify the image to make a more precise assessment and to advise the patient about their oral health. Digital X-rays are less radiation-intensive than traditional X-rays, which makes them safer for patients. 


  1. Invisalign: Invisalign are transparent, nearly invisible braces that may gently straighten your teeth. To correct your smile, they provide a quick, simple, and painless alternative to wearing heavy, uncomfortable braces. There are no dietary limitations when using Invisalign aligners, and their removal for cleaning is simple. They accomplish the task more easily and rapidly. 


  1. Laser Dentistry:  Among other dental procedures, using lasers to treat cavities, relieve tooth sensitivity, remove tumours, and whiten teeth boosts effectiveness and decreases pain. Laser dentistry is quick, painless, and capable of completely eliminating any kind of bacteria while the procedure is being done, preventing further complications or problems. 


  1. Dental implants — Dental implants are screws that replace the missing tooth's root. When patients are missing teeth, implants are used to restore healthy smiles. Implants are beneficial in treating dental problems because they can replace missing teeth while still giving the patient a natural-looking smile. 


  1. HealOzone — Dental decay can be treated quickly, easily, and painlessly using HealOzone. HealOzone works because it contains ozone (O3), a typical natural gas that effectively kills germs and fungi. HealOzone is a fantastic tool for identifying and treating any early symptoms of tooth decay before it progresses to a more serious level. 


  1. DIAGNOdent  — We use the state-of-the-art DIAGNOdent technology to find cavities that are hidden away where conventional x-rays can't reach them. It guarantees that your mouth has been thoroughly inspected for early symptoms of cavities in order to prevent you from having to pay more money later on if the cavities expand and grow. 


  1. Intraoral camera:  An intraoral camera allows dentists to obtain precise, crisp pictures of locations inside a patient's mouth that are challenging to see. The camera also allows the dentist to assess and instruct patients while displaying these images to them. We analyse your mouth and ascertain how much oral care you need with the help of this cutting-edge equipment. 


  1. Zoom! Whitening — Zoom! Our patients can expect rapid and easy results from the brand-new, cutting-edge whitening process known as "whitening." Only one appointment, Zoom! Whitening, which can lighten teeth up to eight shades, can substantially alter a person's smile. 


  1. Intravenous Sedation - the use of intravenous sedation and nitrous oxide A patient may get so relaxed from nitrous oxide, sometimes known as laughing gas, that they are still able to speak with their dentist. Contrarily, IV sedation keeps a patient awake during the procedure while rendering them sleepy during the dental visit. This is frequently suggested for patients who experience dental anxiety or for unpleasant procedures like wisdom tooth extraction.  

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