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The dentist in Dwarka to deal with oral health issues

The dentist in Dwarka to deal with oral health issues

28 Jan, 2019

The importance of oral health:

Decay of teeth and cavity formation is a problem that most of us would have experienced in our childhood. As the best dentist in Dwarka, we deal with a number of such cases. Because as children it is only natural to be attracted towards sweets and candy, and in some cases, children tend to live on sweets day in and day out. And in modern times, this practice of having a diet rich in refined sugars, has only worsened situation. Therefore it’s inevitable that cavity formation is becoming a more common problem amongst youngsters, especially children because they don’t tend to brush their teeth properly when it’s done unsupervised.

Tooth decay and cavity formation can be a difficult problem to deal with, especially in children. Because it is a painful condition, you need the correct skill set in order to deal with a child who needs to their cavities dealt with. And as a dentist in Dwarka, we have well trained professionals who have the necessary skills in order to ensure that the child is comfortable at all times during the treatment procedure.

Prevention is better than cure:

Even though we have the numerous methods of dealing with tooth decay and cavity formation in children, prevention is always better than cure. And as the best dental clinic in Dwarka, we offer specialized dental services for children in order to prevent the formation of cavities. It helps to seal out cavities and is known as application of dental sealants. It is a chemical coating which is placed on the surface of the teeth of children in order to form a protective coating, which effectively seals off the teeth and forms a barrier against decay.

What does this process involve?

Once you decide to have dental sealants applied at the best dental clinic in Dwarka, our skilled dentist will first start off by cleaning your teeth thoroughly. The teeth which require sealants will then be dried properly after which a solution will be place on the surface of these teeth. This solution will help to roughen the surface of the teeth, which in turn will help the sealant adhere more firmly to the surface of the teeth.

The dental sealant is also a liquid which is placed on the surface of the teeth. Once the first solution has dried up, your dentist will then place the sealant liquid on the surface of your teeth, and allow it to dire up as well. During this process your dentist will ensure that all the little crevices and cracks in your teeth are filled with the sealant. Once the sealant dries up, it forms a think, transparent almost plastic like layer on the surface of your teeth, which helps prevent deterioration of your teeth.

The advantage of having dental sealants applied:

Since it is the back teeth which are more vulnerable to decay and cavity formation because they are difficult to reach when brushing and flossing, as a dentist in Dwarka, we recommend that people have their teeth covered in sealants in order to prevent cavity formation. If your dentist feels that as a child or even a baby, that your teeth are more prone to cavity formation, then they would recommend that you apply this dental sealant, which will help premature loss of teeth and all sorts of other oral health issues, and it will definitely be a good investment in the long run.

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