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If you see these Signs - You Might Need A Root Canal

If you see these Signs - You Might Need A Root Canal

22 Dec, 2022

If you have any of the following symptoms, it's crucial to let your dentist know. Being honest with the dentist doesn't need to be a concern now since root canals aren't as dreadful as they once were. 


1. Serious Pain

Any discomfort in your mouth should be discussed with your dentist, but some pains may indicate that you need a root canal.

A root canal may be necessary if you experience sudden, wave-like pain that is caused by an infected or dead tooth.

Are there certain positions where the pain in your gums or teeth is worse? Is your face and teeth under strain when you sit down or stoop down? It could be pain from a root canal.

2. Gums That Hurt

The presence of any bumps on your gums may indicate the necessity for a root canal on a tooth that is infected. Abscesses are these bumpy areas on the bottom.

3. Intolerance to both heat and cold

Cold and heat sensitivity can exist without the necessity for a root canal. The pain and sensitivity to hot and cold persist long after the drink or meal for people who require a root canal Treatment in Dwarka, Delhi .

4. Enlarged gums

Your gums may be enlarged as a result of an infected tooth if you've noticed this. This is distinct from other instances when flossing or brushing too vigorously can result in irritated gums. The swollen gums will continue to be swollen and will be uncomfortable and slightly painful to the touch.

5. Discoloration of the Gums

The gums' discoloration is an indication that they are decayed. The gums will start to deteriorate if the tooth is infected and dying. This is a clear indication that you might require a root canal.

6. Broken or chipped tooth

A chipped or cracked tooth is a double indication that a root canal procedure may be necessary. One possibility is that the chip or crack on the tooth was caused by trauma, which has now led to the pulp being irritated or infected. Second, the tooth can be so severely decaying or infected that its death has caused it to break or chip. 

Recovery Following a Root Canal 

The first few days of endodontic therapy will bring about some little discomfort for you. Root canal pain is common for a short while, but if it persists for more than a week or so, you should see your dentist. 

To best safeguard your tooth after the root canal procedure, you should receive a crown to go on top of it. Endodontic therapy can keep your tooth healthy. If you exhibit any of the symptoms that indicate a root canal is necessary, contact VitalDentalCare Dentists in Dwarka Sector 6 right once.

The only way to know if you require root canal therapy is to visit a dentist and have a professional examine you. Don't endanger your health and your teeth; make an appointment at Vital for a dental checkup right away!

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