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Difference between Invisalign and Normal braces

Difference between Invisalign and Normal braces

07 Nov, 2022

Difference between Invisalign and Normal braces

Both Invisalign and braces are useful for teens and adults in improving smiles. Both procedures put your teeth in the right position and make sure they work properly. While braces and Invisalign treatments differ in appearance and feel, they are similar in many other ways. Both must be worn all the time, however, only the Invisalign trays are taken out to eat. Both require a commitment to following the recommended wear, cleaning, and dental health practices.

The method utilized to move teeth and produce an attractive smile is the fundamental distinction between braces and Invisalign. During treatment, metal brackets and S.S wires are placed within the mouth to reposition the teeth using braces. In this procedure, elastics are frequently utilized to realign the teeth.

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With Invisalign, teeth are moved using a series of transparent, custom-aligning trays that are switched out every week. Although braces may be a superior alternative for treating some orthodontic difficulties, Invisalign is undoubtedly convenient.

However, each treatment has advantages and disadvantages. We'll work with you to identify the treatment option that will best serve your needs and those of your smile at Vital Dental Care.


As the name implies, braces are a common treatment for crowded or spaced teeth. Metal normal braces are applied to each tooth and wired together after being attached. They require less frequent removal because they are noticeable.



  1.   It may be more difficult to floss and brush.
  2.  Some foods and beverages must be avoided.


Contrary to traditional aligners, Invisalign is a contemporary aligner composed of translucent or clear plastic. There are no visible wires, brackets, or elastic. Invisalign typically lasts for two weeks before needing to be renewed. They are simple to get rid of, and one can accomplish so at home. Wear the Invisalign system as long as your teeth are not properly aligned. The process can vary from person to person and can take anything from a few months to two years.


  1. Aligners can be taken out for activities like eating and sports, which increases comfort and convenience.
  2. They are highly aesthetics.
  3. Oral Hygiene is easy to maintain with aligners.


  1. Trays may discolor if not removed before eating.
  2. Drinking sugary beverages while wearing aligners increases the risk of cavities, and aligners need to be replaced weekly.

For misaligned teeth, overbites, deep bites, spacing between teeth, crooked teeth, braces and Invisalign are both appropriate treatment options. With braces or Invisalign, the typical treatment time is 16 months.

Metal braces, Ceramic transparent braces, teeth aligners and Invisalign are the orthodontic treatment options offered at Vital Dental Care. Contact our office right away if you have any queries regarding your treatment options or if you'd like to know if Invisalign is better than braces. 

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