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All That You Need to Know About Root Canal Treatment

All That You Need to Know About Root Canal Treatment

08 Oct, 2018

It’s an irony that root canal treatment is often misunderstood or perceived as a painful, lengthy and expensive dental procedure by many. The fact of the matter, however, is that it can be a most effective line of treatment for conditions pertaining to teeth roots and saves the infected tooth from extraction.

Root canal treatment falls under the purview of endodontics. It treats dental root infection that arises from dental decay, cracks, fractures and chips. This in turn, can give rise to a host of other critical cardio-vascular, intestinal and pulmonary diseases. Which is why prompt and timely intervention is required for treating even minor chips or cracks, which make way for harmful bacteria to invade the tooth nerve or pulp, leading to major problems later.

The infection usually spreads fast through the tooth’s root canal system and is often painful. It also goes without saying that a toothache can be extremely bothersome and is a typical symptom that all isn’t well with your dental system and that a visit to the dentist is immediately called for.

Ignore it and you will end up with a most uncomfortable and painful dental abscess. It could also lead to losing the tooth later. Root canal treatment prevents this mishap.

Vital Dental Care

At Vital Dental Care, your endodontic treatment requires at least two visits. We use local anesthesia to carry out our procedures. So you just won’t feel a thing. Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art dental equipment and our qualified and highly trained dentists will go all the way to completely eliminate any infection affecting your teeth and their respective root canal systems.

The primary course of treatment comprises fitting a temporary filling, followed by a permanent filling a week later if the infection clears fully. A crown may also be fitted for extra strength.

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